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After years of researching and testing products here in Bush, LA and around the US, it’s was time to create Rack Addiction Minerals!  The purpose was to give the avid outdoorsman the upper hand at keeping his deer herd healthy and at the same time bringing them in using the minerals as an attractant.  With this mix that is packed with protein,  calcium, phosphate, fiber, vitamin a, magnesium, copper, and little bit of salt, your deer herd will thank you!

 Some think that my minerals are just for antlered deer but that is false! Our minerals are for does, fawns and yearlings as well as it is full of nutritious ingredients.

Here at Rack Addiction we strive to bring the best product out there but at the same time strive to carry top notch customer service as well. We try and get your minerals to you as quick as we can so your hit list buck is not waiting for it in the woods, possibly sending him somewhere else!

Rack Addiction Minerals attracts deer and keeps them coming back for more. Purchase a bag or two and see what all the hoorah is about, you will not be disappointed!

”It’s not just a craving, it’s an addiction!”

God Bless and enjoy!

Rack Addiction Minerals

Bush, LA


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Jeremy Bullock with Rut Life Tv

Jason Caudle with Apple Tree Game Feeders

Tucker Baynard


Put this out in NC and it's working great! It's truly unbelievable, they just can't get enough! Thanks for a awesome product!

Cameron Cheek

Only took a few hours and the deer had already found it. This stuff works.

Aaron Ellerbe

Great product and fast service it's a must try..

Larry Delancey

Works amazing!!! I definitely recommend this product!

Danielle Shull

I have use this product in East Texas and the deer and hogs love it

Butch Henry

This stuff is awesome. I was only getting pictures of little 4 pts, spikes, fawns, and does. 2 days after putting these minerals out...there are 5 shooter bucks.

David Tobbe

If y'all haven't tried rack addiction minerals then y'all are missing out. Here in Texas my deer and hogs love it. They keep coming back for more.

Jason Futch

Wanna draw deer in and hold them...look no further than right here.. IT WORKS

Jonathan Shull

An amazing product because I put it out at two spots one with lots of sign and one without. Of course the one with no sign had tons of action and the other had some good action.

Jeremy Brewer